2000, Texas.

Raised in Mexico, study art classes at a local art workshop in Cancun for 4 years.

In summer 2017 start a visual art course at the School of Visual Arts of New York City, ending with a final exposition.

Concluded her Art studies at Accademia D’arte Firenze for two semesters.

Art concept revolved around portraits, yet over the years, played around with different ideas. Currently focuses mainly on colour schemes, mixing drawings with phrases.

Her works are mainly oil on canvas, mixed media and experience in experimenting surfaces painting like wood and murals.

In the wide spectrum of possibilities in the field of painting we pass, historically, from representations thought during their practical realization, with attention to the realism of every detail, to the dynamism and energy of compositions that come in a moment, similar to an improvisation (which obviously does not mean that there has not been a previous reflection; it is as if a set of experiences, sensations and thoughts were concentrated in one’s own interiority, to then flow quickly onto the surface of the painting).

Marian Casto’s three paintings are clearly related to the second modality we have described; in them, the essence of recent experiences flows together, through a combination of many elements: the coexistence of images, writing, natural elements and others of pure imagination, references to his own biography and the events that are going through society.

The shapes and colours sometimes create a graceful effect, other times it is rougher: as happens in our speech, when we pass between different registers. In fact, these paintings could be referred to the idea of “palimpsestos” (from the Greek palímpsestos and ‘palin psaomai’ which means ‘scraped again’), that is, stratification of continuous interventions: which also refers us to the practices of mural art and street art.

About La vida plena: “I made this painting when I returned to Mexico because of the pandemic. Everything that was going on was very overwhelming, so this painting is very simple but it has positive phrases that distracted me from this time of crisis. Some phrases are from books I read, others from songs, and others are my thoughts. I hope this painting brings tranquillity and stillness to you like it does to me.” Oppure di Thoughts: “This painting is based off on my personal thoughts, carrying subliminal messages. It may look confusing to the eye but every time you look at it you will discover sometime new. It has small drawings of people I admire and look up to. All the things and even colours mean something to me, yet everyone will perceive whatever they want to see”.