Our Master Course in Architecture & Interior Design is tailored to address the needs of the developing artist to create functionally beautiful spaces.



Architecture & Interior Design

1 Year Program


The Architecture & Interior Design course provides students with knowledge and skills in all areas of architectural design. The student is taught how to complete development of the project, starting from its conception and drawings to its representative and communicative component, creating the models and using softwares to fully realize the building plan. During this Master Course students will address the most important topics of history, learn the newest and most useful computer programs like Auto Cad and digital modeling, and will complete a full portfolio for success in the industry. The final works will be presented with a final exhibition, a catalog, and a personal portfolio. The master will develop the study of architecture based on the Eutropia Associati.

The lessons are taught in English.



Learning from the past experiences and processes are a key asset in creating design today. Our history course will survey the grand history of architecture, starting from the primordial housing of the ancient to the most recent design endeavors. Particular attention will be given to the Florentine Renaissance and the Italian experience through guided tours to works of architecture and monuments.

The program will provide students with the necessary tools required for a career in design.

Physical modeling is certainly one of the oldest practices in the designer’s craft. From small design objects, to scale projects of buildings or masterplans., having a physical vision of the project and a direct relationship with the materials is essential. Today the model project is supported by softwares and machinery techniques that work to improve the quality of these objects. The aim of the course is to bring the student closer to a verifying design tool, with manual and contemporary techniques such as 3D printing, laser cutting, and mechanical cutting.



It is necessary for the designer to have total control of the project from a technical point of view. For this reason, the course will focus on the use of softwares capable of controlling the project in all its dimensions and scale, from the vector design to the 3D modeling of the project. 



Communicating the theoretical structure of the project through the representation and post-production of the works amplifies the design narrative and highlights the intentions and objectives of the designer through a story made of images.


Regardless of its final result, interior designing represents a craft work. Knowing materials, workers and techniques used in designing becomes necessary for the designer to ensure a high quality result.


Operating on existing buildings has always been a current exercise in Italy. The stratification of the urban fabric has led to an awareness and sensitivity towards the design intervention, so operating on the existing is a daily practice for professionals active in the area. In contemporary times, given the congestion and saturation of our cities, it becomes essential to know how to re-write the building’s program, to know how to work within already given limits. For this reason the student will learn these topics fully.


First Semester

10/09/2018 – 14/12/2018

Second Semester

14/01/2019 – 03/05/2019

Application & Scholarship Deadline:

July 31, 2019

Credits & Grades

Grades are determined by the class and are between the student and teacher. The Credits are obtained through completing the courses in the program. Apply for more information.