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Architecture & Harmony

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Architecture and Harmony. 12 meetings of 1 hour.

The pursuit of a positive connection with the universe has been guiding us since we have started building. Primeval structures have been designed according to astrology and numerology. The theme of proportions recurs in architectural theory from Antiquity (Vitruvius) and Renaissance (Alberti, Da Vinci and Palladio) to the 20th century (Le Corbusier). That characterizes both the Western and the Eastern culture. Millennialarchitectural practices, such as Indian Vaastu Vidya, or Chinese Feng Shui, are based on ideas of universal harmony. Such a culturally inclusive notion bridges a surprising wide historical and geographical space. This is the starting point for a survey on architectural theories and buildings, whose main aim is to put a brick in the wall of a more and more intercultural society.

1.    Astrology in primeval and ancient structures
2.    Stonhenge, Kohfu pyramid
3. Sacred Geometry
4.    Astrology, numerology and proportions in Tuscan Romanesque
5.    Temples as images of cosmos
6.    The temple/body analogy
7.    The theory of microcosm and macrocosm:
8.    Listening to architecture: musical proportions
9.    The harmony of Gothic cathedrals
10. Chinese Feng Shui
11. Indian Vaastu Vidya
12. Contemporary urban planning
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                     4 weeks:  140€

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