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Modern Art History 1900-1950

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Modern Art. 1900-1950. 12 meetings of 1 hour each

Cubism, Futurism, Dadaism, Constructivism, Neoplasticism, Surrealism. Approaching modern art equals to be able move in a labyrinth of isms without getting lost. This is what we are going to do, having as point of reference masters as Picasso, Matisse, Kandinskij, Klee, Dalí, Boccioni, Duchamp, Mondrian and Malevič.

  1. Ways to abstractionism: The French Fauves
  2. German expressionism
  3. Cubism
  4. Bauhaus
  5. De Stijl
  6. Russian avant-gardes
  7. Futurism
  8. Dada and Surrealism
  9. Metafisica
  10. Return to order
  11. Modigliani, Brancusi and Giacometti
  12. Abstract expressionism


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                     4 weeks:  140€

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