Classic Pottery

The art of hand-building and wheel throwing clay is an ancient craft aimed at producing pottery and it allows a wide range of applications.

We teach the traditional forms of making ceramic pottery, including the scientific recipes for creating slips and glazes. The student can go beyond the learning of simple pots and cups, using these techniques to create contemporary sculptures.


The ancient craft of ceramics is an important artistic skill that has been used for thousands of years here in Italy and all over the world. In the archaeological studies of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, ancient Roman pots were discovered, which have survived centuries! At AD’A you can also learn this ancient technique and use it to create contemporary works of art.

We teach both hand building and wheel throwing classes. We work with a clay, slips, molds, and glazes to help the student learn the whole process of creating pottery. By using drawing techniques we teach how to create 3D art and functional objects.


Tuition & Fees

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