Accademia D’Arte Firenze is an art school in Florence, Italy, inspired by the multidisciplinary art bottegas of the Renaissance.

Accademia D’Arte AD’A is an international Art School in Florence, Italy. Located in the heart of historic Florence, the school is built inside part of the Palazzo Borghese which was originally built during the Renaissance. It was founded in 2003 by a group of artists that graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti of Florence.


AD’A’s concept is designed  around the traditional structure of the “Art Bottega” of the Renaissance. The “Art Bottega” was the place where all mediums of art were integrated and the artists worked together in their different disciplines which allowed them to exchange information, techniques, and inspiration. We create the same environment here at AD’A with the open floor plan, in which all of the arts converge. It is our ultimate belief that the arts must work together in harmony.

AD’A offers courses taught by professional artists with the intention of assisting our students in developing ancient and contemporary techniques, offering a complete vision of the art world, and inspiring creativity.

The learning method is personalized with one-on-one instruction with the professor and student, because we believe it is important that every student in art should develop their own unique vision. Our goal is to provide students with all the necessary skills so that they can develop and define their own personal style.


Florence, the city known as the Cradle of the Renaissance, gives you the possibility to feel, breath and live the artistic atmosphere while studying and practicing art in its historical center. Our location allows us to have a classical view on art, giving equal importance to all the techniques from a classical base to a contemporary vision with the languages and media of our time. At AD’A, we integrate the past and the present to create a unique artistic atmosphere.

Studying at AD’A means joining a group made up of artists. The personalized work of the teachers help each student to develop their creative talent based on their strengths and abilities. We also assist them in developing new techniques so they can create works beyond what they thought possible.

AD’A occupies a very special place as the last art school in Florence that follows the traditional format of the Art Bottega.

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Patrizio Travagli

Patrizio Travagli

Founder & Director of Accademia D'Arte Firenze

Greetings from the director

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to AD’A. I hope it will become your home and the place that will help you develop your artistic abilities.


I consider all students enrolled in AD’A unique, inspiring, and capable. It is our goal to show our students a wide range of technologies and techniques and to compel them to be the new generation of artists.


All of us who work in AD’A are professional artists with a long experience in the art world. My intention in founding AD’A was to create a space such as the “bottega” of the Renaissance: open spaces where all artists interact. As an artist, I want the students to have all of the tools that I consider to be fundamental to making a career in art.


Our mission is to offer the students a complete experience in art and to provide them with the basics of their career. We know the passion and the commitment that our students put into coming to Italy to pursue art and we are here to assist them in creating and achieving their goals.


Founded by a group of artists who graduated from the Accademia di Belli Arti of Florence, Accademia d’Arte AD’A, offers courses in art and culture for a wide variety of students, both foreign and Italian, who are interested in understanding and, deepening their knowledge of specific artistic disciplines.