”Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Pablo Picasso.

Art Therapy

Free yourself!!!

Creativity can be more helpful than you might think! As you create art, different things happen to your inner and outside world. It gives you the opportunity to see yourself from a different perspective.

Art therapy is the process of using art to express your emotions. It is a good instrument for sharing emotions and communicating through a non verbal language that can help you express yourself in an easier way without feeling overwhelmed.

The purpose of this practice is not to do beautiful works of art but to use this space as a container where you can explore deeper and feel free to express what is present in your life, conflicts, anxiety, joy, or any feeling or emotions that could come out spontaneously.

Through Art History we may notice that art has always been part in nature. As kids it was fun, normal and simple to do Art. When we grew up we are taught that art was for just few talented people; we need to remember that an art practice can be liberating, a great opportunity to release stress and cathartic emotions, the work is focused on the process not on the result of the art piece.

Creativity is part of life and it’s applied in every aspect of our daily routines. As we get more comfortable with expressing ourselves through art we can make connections within and strengthening our understanding about ourselves.

“Your own reasons to make art are the reasons enough. Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.” Elizabeth Gilbert

The purpose of this course is to help yourself be free of judgement and approach art as a research of your wellness, meditation and renewal. Creating freedom and mindfulness in your paintings and in your life!

This course is for EVERYONE, no need of previous experience or considering yourself an artist.

Our program is tailored made, lessons can be held in presence or online, individual or group* sessions.

( *depending on the enrollments at the moment).

Topics to be explored

Entering the empty space / A jump into a white canvas

Making Peace with Your Inner Critic

Art of Simplicity

Nourishing life and paintings

Blocks, fear being stuck

The here and now

Finding your style

Letting go

Taking risks

Emotions painting with vulnerability


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