Florence is famous because it is the home of the Renaissance, and you can find many visible frescos throughout the city. Some of them were created by the most important artists in history like Masaccio, Ghirlandaio, Fra Angelico, Vasari, and Giotto. Studying Fresco at Accademia d’arte ADA represents a unique opportunity to learn this type of technique because we learn from the masters that surround us.

During the course the students will learn to do a sketch using drawing basics, and create forms and perspective to build the base of the fresco using sand and lime. The student will learn the different phases of the wall preparation, “rinzaffo,” “arriccio,” “intonaco,” and “intonachino,” and will create the composition and mix the colors for the dry base.



We teach the ancient techniques such as “spolvero” to transfer drawings to the wall and learn how to apply the coloring to the surface. Through the process the student will learn the history of frescoes and learn how they can use this technique to continue to make contemporary fresco paintings.

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