1996, Prato.

First Art studies at the Institute Policarpo Petrocchi in Pistoia.

After studies, he gets a large experience in the world of pottery and ceramics in handicraft production.

In 2018 started intensive courses at the Accademia D’Arte AD’A in Firenze, developing and refine drawing and painting masters techniques.

Last year step into the Master in Visual Art at the Accademia D’Arte AD’A.

The series Drawing myself is a project in progress; in fact, it consists of a series of drawings that the artist has made in recent months, every day, intending to continue them for a whole year.

These figures are made in one go – in pencil on fragments of paper – starting from something seen, a memory, a suggestion; sometimes some elements come back, in a slightly varied way (especially the stylized faces and hands), but in general, there is variety: it is an attempt to represent oneself through one’s own imagination, letting some visions flow and trying to block them, in an immediate way, on a common support.

The idea of progressive representation, linked to everyday life, finds important precedents in the history of art (fr example On Kawara’s Date Paintings and Self-Observation, or Tehching Hsieh’s One Year Performances), and this, beyond what the specific subject is, refers to the identity of the author: or rather to a continuous observation of oneself through the recording of changes that occur in a certain time. It is a way of confronting the time of one’s own life.

“The work was born during the months of lockdown […] I realized that in my works I put the execution in the background, giving more space to the technique, which, however, stifled my personality. So I can say that this work is a bit of therapy, not only to find my way in the art world but also to tell me day after day through memories, thoughts and concepts”.