Jennifer Blackwell, Lorena Castellanos, Luz de Lourdes Ortiz Cobo, Katherine Estrada Suazo, Anna Fé d’Ostiani, M Jota, Mena, Lucia Palma, Barbara Schwehn,Tracie Stone



Opening Wednesday, May 11, from 6 p.m.


Viale Eleonora Duse 30, Florence


La Portineria continues the series of collaborations with the Art Schools; the Master in Visual Arts of the Accademia D’Arte AD’A, ends with the group exhibition Thinking, Acting, Values. Opening Wednesday, May 11


The genesis of this exhibition, starting from the richness of attitudes, interests, personalities of each of the artists, was defined by the word “value” – a word that encompasses many meanings depending on the area to which it refers, but that we consider here in relation to what guides each of us, individually and collectively, in feeling, thinking and acting.

 The question we asked ourselves is straightforward: what is an important value, considering personal life and society?

 It is not by chance that we are confronting values now, in a historical period marked by unforeseen and unprecedented events global in scope, such as to define – or to require – a new scenario.

 The exhibition Thinking, Acting, Values, in its specific and yet inclusive dimension, grappled with this. Each of the artists confronted her own value, in a free but effective way, and this served as a “horizon” for the realization of a specific work; the project as a whole is like a dialogue, with ten voices, made up of different and similar words, combinations, similarities and differences, uniqueness and returns, namely it is that mutual looking at each other that is at the basis of coexistence.


 Curated by Matteo Innocenti


La Portineria, progetti arte contemporanea

viale Eleonora Duse 30, Florence

opening hours: every Friday from 3 to 7 p.m. And by appointment