A city of great historic cultural and artistic tradition Florence offers the best opportunity one may expect from a period abroad to learn the language in Italy. In order to start to learn or to improve Italian in Italy, Florence is the best choice: the purity of the language, the liveliness and authenticity of everyday life, the charm of its inhabitants, the great number of museums and monuments and its special position in Tuscany, in the centre of Italy, are some of the reasons that make Florence the best choice to spend the time set aside for this programme: to learn Italian.

Traditionally, the school has always offered its students, together with regular courses, every opportunity to learn about Italian life and culture. Besides regular courses, the school makes available a series of extra-curricular activities, both cultural and recreational, which help students to enjoy and appreciate, in the best way possible, their stay in Florence, in Tuscany and in Italy.


The course aims to teach students the Italian language, from basic to advance. There are six levels in all, from absolute beginners to the diploma level (An entry examination determines the appropriate level for all non-beginners). There are no more than twelve students in each class and teaching is assigned to two or three teachers who develop the language program, the conversation program and vocabulary-building program.  The Italian Language courses take place from Monday to Friday, four hours a day in the morning, and it can be attended for periods varying from 2 to 24 weeks.


Visits to museums, participation in concerts, excursions in Tuscany and to other art towns in Italy, showings of films, towns of cultural and artistic interest conferences about Italian culture, dinners in restaurants, meetings with Italian students, visits to markets, and evening entertainment are organised by the school staff, who, besides teaching, give a special attention to student ‘get-togethers’.

Tuition & Fees

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