AD’A offers an introduction to drawing for still life drawing and anatomic drawing. The student will learn the study of space and form, from an intuitive angle to an architectural perspective.


The study of the nude is rooted in ancient artistic techniques and is the classical form of drawing. We teach the study of the life model to help our students achieve the classical techniques that can be used in all forms of other mediums such as painting and sculpture.


Drawing is considered the base of painting. Participating in a drawing course in Florence is the best way to learn the techniques of the great masterpieces of the Renaissance. The great artists Leonardo, Donatello and Michelangelo were excellent in drawing.

Accademia D’Arte AD’A offers a drawing course in which the student will learn the basics of drawing from the first level to an advanced level.

The course begins with the study of forms, volumes, space and perspective. Students will learn still life and human figure drawing practices with real models. They will explore techniques with different tools such as pencil, charcoal, ink and pastel.

Through this course the student will acquire the basic skills to further their own abilities in drawing and learn how to apply these techniques in a variety of ways in their artistic career.




Our course in painting also integrates drawing techniques and introduces the use of color starting with color theory.

Students will learn water techniques like gouache, acrylic, oil-based techniques and the traditional and contemporary ways of preparing the canvas.

This course is organized in groups or private lessons where every student has a personalized method depending on their interests.

Florence was home to the great Renaissance artists such as Cennino Cennini, Giotto, Botticelli, Leonardo and Michelangelo that have left an important legacy with their masterpieces. Studying the classic techniques of the masters in Florence is the perfect opportunity to be immersed in the processes these artists used to develop and create their masterpieces.

When we speak of contemporary art, we refer to the art that was born after the beginning of the 20th century. Learning contemporary painting in a city like Florence allows the student to fully explore contemporary ideas and materials with the background in traditional techniques.


The painting course of AD’A prepares the student for every skill they need to paint just as the masters of the Renaissance. We start with the ancient recipes from Cennino Cennini for the glue, “cola de conejo” and gesso for preparing the canvas.

Students will learn how to prepare their own natural pigments with egg tempera, will use the “spolvero” technique to transfer the drawing to the canvas, and will learn the master process of applying the egg tempera paint. When finished students will learn gilding by applying gold leaf.


Contemporary art practices are important to teach the student how to develop their own unique style and how to express conceptual ideas.

AD’A offers a contemporary painting course that guides the student through experimental projects by using a variety of different materials such as wood, canvas, plastic, sand, marble dust, fabrics, and the use of both oil and acrylic paints.

This course is designed to allow the student to create a personal language (concept) for creating, and by becoming familiar with a wide range of tools the student will learn many different ways to express line, shape, color and ideas.

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