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The course is open to beginner and advanced students who want to deepen their techniques in drawing.
During this course you will learn how to
– Study of a life object chosen by the student with its light and shade in pencil (HB/2B).
– Composition (still life): pencil drawing and light and shade (HB/2B/4B).
– Proportions of a face; study from front photo, proportions and light and shade with different pencils (HB/2B/4B/6B).
– Self-portrait from real at the mirror, pencil or charcoal pencil.
– Drawing with subject of free choice, and use of inks or pens.


  • Pencils 2B
  • 1 Kneaded rubber (gomma pane)
  • Charcoal stick (stecche carboncino)
  • Scketchbook
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one hour a week               two hours a week
1 week :  20€                      1 week:     40€
2 weeks: 38€                      2 weeks:   76€
4 weeks: 70€
                     4 weeks:  140€

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