Art Therapy courses are meant to be scheduled as private lessons, as some of the conversation or creative process should be kept confidential between the teacher and the artist. We have our schedules available to make your schedule personalised with our Art Therapist.

The sessions are 90 minutes. For a excellent start in art therapy, we recommend the 4 sessions package.

Art Therapy

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Art therapy helps you to release your emotions. It is not about doing beautiful paintings, but to live the process within.

During the course you will have the opportunity to listen to your inner world and connect your emotions to the world of colors .

It is not important to know ,how or what to paint ,but the dialogue with your painting and what it’s saying about yourself.

The purpose of the course is giving you the tools through art that can be applied to your life, such as: living the present moment, taking risks, changing perspective, loose control, embracing your strengths and weaknesses, understanding the cycle of your emotions releasing them at the same time.

– watercolor paper
– acrylics or watecolor paintings
– brushes
– pencils
– pastels
– pens
– any material that you have at home will be fine!

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1 session € 45,00

2 sessions € 80,00

3 sessions € 110,00

4 sessions € 130,00